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Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Can Affect Anyone

TMJ, Jaw Pain, Facial Pain, Jaw Ache, Mouth Pain, Cheek Pain, TMJ Relief, TMJ TreatmentTemporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) is becoming a more common issue in the world today. Some researchers have posited that stress is the underlying factor in TMD. That is an interesting theory since stress can also cause neck muscles to tighten and strain perhaps even causing a misalignment over time. This common ailment affects men and women, young and old. Just ask Australian popstar Iggy Azalea, who was recently diagnosed with the condition. The rapper herself said that she feels the medical community underestimates the physical toll that stress takes on the human body and has vowed to take better care of herself. If you are suffering from TMD, what can you do to ease the pain without reaching for pain relievers? To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and chronic neck pain download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below. Matovich Neck Pain eBook

Coping with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Here are a few things that you can do at home to help the pain and discomfort.

  • Ice your jaw – Make sure to wrap the ice pack in a towel and only use ice for 20 minutes at a time. Ice helps reduced swelling which can be the primary source of the pain.
  • Eat softer foods – At least while the condition is flaring up, have a softer meat instead of steak for dinner and order the eggs at breakfast rather than a bagel. You need to eat but should give your jaw a chance to rest.
  • Avoid opening the jaw too wide – You can’t help thing like yawning, but you may want to avoid other activities that require opening wide such as singing, at least until the pain goes away.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic for TMD

You can also schedule a visit to Natural Way Chiropractic. Upper cervical chiropractic can correct misalignments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae which can affect the neck, face, and jaw. Once the misalignment has been corrected, the face and neck muscles won’t be trying the pull the head back to a straight position. This can relieve a lot of jaw pressure. To schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Matovich call our Calgary office at 403-246-0334 or simply click the button below. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

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