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Our Unique Approach to Chiropractic

Many of our practice members comment on how unique we are. They enjoy a gentle and comfortable adjustment in a pleasant atmosphere.

Chiropractic CareYour experience with us may be different than your previous chiropractic experiences. Our doctors use specific techniques and the most advanced chiropractic technology to measure and correct imbalances in the body.

Adjustments are often made with the use of an instrument. With our technology called the ProAdjuster, the resistance and placement of each vertebra is measured independently, and in relation to each other, allowing the doctors to precisely adjust only the specific vertebrae that needs correction. Only a very light amount of pressure is used with our adjustments.

The entire spine is also evaluated with a series of comprehensive nervous system exams before any adjustment is made. This will allow the doctors to determine exactly where an adjustment will promote the optimal correction of the nervous system.

Our doctors pay particular attention to the alignment of the upper neck. Many of our new patients who are nervous of their neck being adjusted are relieved after their first adjustment. They often express how gentle their adjustment was and how comfortable the correction was. Our patients particularly enjoy the fact that these corrections can be performed without any “twisting, popping or cracking”.

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