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Neck Pain—How Stress Affects the Neck

Neck Pain, Neck Ache, Headache, Headaches, Migraine, Migraines, Neck Injury, Neck Trauma If you suffer from neck pain, the chances are you have been dealing with some form of stress. That stress can certainly be physical such as an injury sustained in a car accident or a sports collision. But it can also be due to emotional stress. How does stress affect your neck? What can you do to ease neck pain?

How Stress Creates Neck Pain

Those who are particularly sensitive to their body may even feel tightness form in the neck as stress levels rise. What causes the pain?

When undergoing stress, the muscles in the body tense up.  In the neck, this tension can lead to pain and knots. Frustration, fear, and anger can also cause these muscles to tense up. At that point, tension can pull the spine out of alignment and even lead to headaches or migraines.

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Emotional stress also changes the chemical levels in our body. Serotonin decreases and adrenaline and cortisol increase. As a result, normal everyday use of muscles and ligaments produces more wear and tear. This is because the body drains nutrients needed by the musculoskeletal system to produce stress hormones like cortisol.

How Upper Cervical Care Helps

At Natural Way Chiropractic, we use the Blair technique to locate and correct upper cervical misalignments that can cause neck pain and other symptoms. Because of this, we are often able to relieve neck pain through a gentle adjustment.

Remember, however, that stress can undo some of the good of your adjustment. So while you can’t eliminate all stress from your life, be sure to use these stress management techniques:

  • Get sufficient sleep – For adults, this is generally 7-8 hours per night.
  • Exercise daily – Physical activity produces chemicals in the body that offset stress.
  • Time-management – Prioritizing items on your to-do list can go a long way in reducing stress.

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