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Movement Studio in Calgary

Dr. Kale, Movement Studio

Healthy green interiors & natural fitness training at Natural Way Chiropractic.
biofit Calgary: An organic gym concept for big city life that harnesses the proven health benefits of biophilic, nature-inspired design and real-world fitness training.
“biofit’s nature-­first approach is a perfect fit for our new headquarters; together we help clients move more, pain-­free, all year round.”

Dr. Kale Matovich

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Movement Stuido Coaches

DejaunDejuan Peart, Movement Coach

Dejuan embarked on his fitness journey over 15 years ago as an avid participant in various competitive sports. Throughout high school, Dejuan’s primary focus was on basketball; however, it was during this time that he fell in love with the benefits of strength training. Dejuan’s hard work and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed. Quickly he realized his newfound passion for sharing his knowledge and fascination with movement with others.

In 2009, Dejuan received his first Personal Training certification through CanFit Pro. For the next six years, Dejuan was a student of movement, leading him to practice and incorporate a wide variety of fitness tools and principles. He started with a strong focus on bodybuilding and strength training, followed by the exploration of more non-conventional training methods such as TRX, progressive calisthenics, kettle-bells, and other bodyweight disciplines. Dejuan’s exploration was prompted by nagging pain and restricted movement from previous injuries. These disturbances motivated him to re-evaluate his approach to fitness and acted as the impetus for him to explore new and creative ways to challenge his body. Dejuan now prioritizes control, strength, stability, mobility, and connectedness throughout the body; believing that you must “crawl before you walk and walk before you run” in order to prevent injury.

Dejuan desires to utilize all the knowledge he has been exposed to on his journey to help his clients reclaim freedom through movement. Dejuan desires to be a ‘ninja’. To him, that means, a well-rounded individual who isn’t limited in their movement.


ShannonShannon Rempel, Movement Coach

Shannon Rempel is an Olympic silver medalist and two-time Olympian. She has been World Champion, World Jr Champion and has had numerous podium finishes on the World Cup circuit throughout her athletic career. Shannon is currently a member of the Canadian speed skating team, training for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. A career in sport has led to an interest in health and fitness, and a passion for helping others reach their goals. She currently coaches speed skating and provides personal training services to a wide range of clients. Shannon holds a degree in Communications from the U of C and is now a certified Biofit coach.


Christine MacSween, Yoga/foundation

Christine’s passion for yoga began in her first year of university. It was the spiritual and mindfulness aspects that drew her to yoga in the beginning, but as she practiced more she found many aches and pains that seemed to be exacerbated by yoga. It was with further study that she learned how to build a sustainable practice, and became even more fascinated by the human body and different types of movement practices. With this increased fervor, she is pursuing a Master of Science in Physical Therapy with the University of Alberta. Her journey is one of learning, exploration, and curiosity, and she hopes to share all of these with her students.


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