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Link Between TMJ and Facial Asymmetry in Calgary Alberta

TMJ, Jaw Pain, Facial Pain, Jaw Ache, Mouth Pain, Cheek Pain, TMJ Relief, TMJ TreatmentMost people have some part of their face that is asymmetrical. While that makes it seem normal, really everyone’s face should enjoy symmetry.

Sometimes asymmetry of the face is caused by a TMJ disorder. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. It is the joint that gives a person the ability to chew, speak, and otherwise move his or her jaw as needed.

The joint is surrounded by a lot of connective tissue. There are tendons, muscles, and the like keeping the bones connected and moving properly. When a problem occurs here, it may result in a clicking sound when a person speaks or chews. It may even happen simply because a person always chews on the same side and thus wears that side of the mouth down faster. The overuse causes teeth to wear unevenly, and eventually everything starts to twist to compensate.

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Why See an Upper Cervical Chiropractor?

Sometimes people even use the muscles on one side of their face more than the other out of habit. This too can eventually result in asymmetry. What are the primary things that lead to this condition?

  • Difficult to chew food always being chewed on the same side
  • Frequent cupping of the chin in the same hand
  • Sitting cross-legged often on one side
  • Placing weight primarily on one leg when standing
  • Twisting to one side to play a particular musical instrument (such as a violin)
  • Painting or writing (since most people only use one hand)

Facial asymmetry can, in turn, cause a misalignment of the upper vertebrae of the neck. The misalignment is one of the key factors in TMJ disorders. This is because the whole body compensates when the top vertebrae are out of alignment. Even the facial muscles may shift.

Researchers have demonstrated the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care for those suffering from TMJ disorders. If you suffer from TMJ pain, come see us at Natural Way Chiropractic.


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