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Our Unique Approach to Chiropractic

Specialized Adjustment Table

Specialized Adjustment Table

Many of our practice members comment on how unique we are. They enjoy a gentle and comfortable adjustment in a pleasant atmosphere.

Your experience with us may be different than your previous chiropractic experiences. Our doctors use specific techniques and the most advanced chiropractic technology to measure and correct imbalances in the body.

Adjustments are often made with the use of an instrument. With our technology called the ProAdjuster, the resistance and placement of each vertebra is measured independently, and in relation to each other, allowing the doctors to precisely adjust only the specific vertebrae that needs correction. Only a very light amount of pressure is used with our adjustments.

The entire spine is also evaluated with a series of comprehensive nervous system exams before any adjustment is made. This will allow the doctors to determine exactly where an adjustment will promote the optimal correction of the nervous system.

Our doctors pay particular attention to the alignment of the upper neck. Many of our new patients who are nervous of their neck being adjusted are relieved after their first adjustment. They often express how gentle their adjustment was and how comfortable the correction was. Our patients particularly enjoy the fact that these corrections can be performed without any “twisting, popping or cracking”.

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ProAdjuster | Insight Discovery | Suluxation | Posture Pro | Why X-Rays?

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ProAdjuster At Natural Way Chiropractic

The only technology of it's kind certified by the Space Foundation

The only technology certified by the Space Foundation

The ProAdjuster utilizes the most current advances in computers and engineering technology to analyze and treat the human body in such a way that was never before realized.

The ProAdjuster is a computerized adjusting instrument that delivers a specific, gentle chiropractic adjustment. This technique is available to all patients of any age, body type and spinal condition.

The Insight Discovery

The Insight Discovery

This state of the art technology will objectively help us:

  • Detect areas of nerve disturbance
  • Document and monitor your results
  • Deliver the appropriate chiropractic care


Subluxation (misalignment):

Subluxation (misalignment):

A problem in the spine where an abnormal position or movement of the vertebrae disturbs communication within the Central Nervous System causing a disturbance in the body.

The Central Nerve System which controls ALL FUNCTIONS OF THE BODY is comprised of three areas. Any or all of these areas may be affected by misalignments (subluxations) of the spine.

  1. Muscle nerves – The nerves which control your movement and posture and when disturbed can lead to abnormal tensions, weakness and fatigue.
  2. This is assessed by Specific Postural Analysis and by the INSIGHT sEMG (surface electromyography)
  3. Organ nerves – The nerves which control all of your organs, immune system and glands (hormones). When disturbed this can lead to malfunction in your body functions leading to many potential organ, hormone and immune system problems.
  4. This is assessed by the INSIGHT DISCOVERY technology Paraspinal Thermography and Pulse Wave Profiler.
  5. Pain & Sensation – The nerves that control your ability to sense and perceive pain. (Only about 10% of your nerves sense pain).

sEMG Before and Normal Images

While Pain is a strong warning that something is wrong, a lack of pain may not mean that we are totally healthy. The INSIGHT DISCOVERY technology helps us assess your nerve and spine health beyond your symptoms. This allows us to catch problems before they become painful and monitor your progress when pain nerves are no longer being affected.

Posture Pro allows us to quantify postural distortion and improvement.

Posture Pro

Another indicator of spinal function is posture. To assess changes from the beginning of care, we use Posture Pro V which allows us to quantify postural distortion and improvement over time.

Why X-Rays?

We also have the service of taking Digital X-Ray’s in our office. This saves you the time of having to make another appointment for x-rays at an off-site facility and allows us to take the views specific to Chiropractic analysis. For more information about x-rays click here.

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