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Meet Dr. Barry Gjerdrum

Unexpected Healing

Dr. Barry Gjerdrum, Calgary Chiropractor

Dr. Barry Gjerdrum

Dr. Barry grew up staying very active in sports. As an athlete, the only thing holding him back was getting sick frequently and recovering slowly from hockey injuries and runs.

During his second year at university he was studying exercise physiology and human performance. That’s when Dr. Barry was referred to a classmate’s husband who was a chiropractor. “I don’t have neck or back pain,” he told this friend, assuming that was mostly what chiropractic care was for. His classmate explained to him that chiropractic care can help benefit athletes and allow the body to heal naturally.

Dr. Barry began chiropractic care and quickly saw positive changes in his health. He noticed he started recovering from his athletics faster and was rarely sick. With his incredible experience, he encouraged his entire family to see a chiropractor. Right after her first adjustment, his sister, who had asthma, recalls taking the biggest breath she could ever remember.

Chiropractic care is about helping your body function better without relying on outside measures. “It was a great experience for everyone.”

The Power of Chiropractic

Soon after he went to the open house at Palmer College of Chiropractic West and signed up that night to become a student. Dr. Barry appreciates learning from other chiropractors and students how powerful chiropractic care can be. “I went from being able to help people work and feel better to saving lives through chiropractic care.”

In practice for over 17 years, Dr. Barry has witnessed many amazing chiropractic miracles and looks forward to helping more patients like you.

“Family Is One of My Greatest Values.”

Dr. Barry is proud to provide his three kids with a chiropractic lifestyle, from a natural delivery to a drug-free, vibrant household. “I didn’t have that growing up, but it’s amazing to be able to raise them in such a wonderful, healthy environment.”

Outside of the office, Dr. Barry stays active through CrossFit, cycling, skiing and maintaining a balance of fitness and recreation with his family. Dr. Barry is grateful for his lovely wife. “She’s an incredible supporter of chiropractic care.” He loves spending time with his family, especially building Lego memories with his sons.

Experience thorough healing, naturally. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help.

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